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Color hardener Domask Color hardener is used in the device of pavement coating technology stamped decorative concrete, to harden the top layer of concrete and give the color.
Color realese Domask The color realese is used in the printed concrete to prevent adhesion of the texture to the concrete surface during the imprinting of the pattern and to give additional color that remains in the seams and recesses. Used to create the effect of "blackening" and "aging".
Acrylic impregnation Acrylic Impregnation is intended for finishing processing of surfaces at construction of new concrete floors with a topping (reinforcer), decorative printed concrete (press concrete), decorative plaster, and also facades of buildings for the purpose of their hardening, protection against penetration of moisture, increase of chemical firmness and wear resistance. Impregnation is also applied to dedusting and reconstruction of old concrete surfaces.
Clear seal The clear seal is suitable for finishing, hardening, protection from moisture penetration, improve chemical resistance of decorative printed concrete, concrete industrial flooring, stamped wall (decorative plaster, brick, natural and artificial stone). Creates the effect of "wet stone".
Tools Professional tools for each phase of work of decorative stamped concrete.
Stamps Textured polyurethane form production company "DOMASK" is designed for stamping concrete and plastering the surface of the desired texture (stone, gravel, boards, bricks, pavers, etc.)