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Acrylic impregnation

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Acrylic Impregnation is intended for finishing processing of surfaces at construction of new concrete floors with a topping (reinforcer), decorative stamped concrete (press concrete), decorative plaster, and also facades of buildings for the purpose of their hardening, protection against penetration of moisture, increase of chemical firmness and wear resistance. Impregnation is also applied to dedusting and reconstruction of old concrete surfaces.



Environmentally friendly impregnating structure on the basis of styrolacrilate dispersion, water and different excipients. Possesses penetrative action. After drying impregnation forms a transparent film, improves decorative properties of a surface (small gloss, saturated colors), protects from a efflorescence.

During the work with impregnation ambient temperature should not be lower than +5 C, and the surface should not be hot.


Method of application

When applying impregnation the surface should be clean, dry and not hot. Impregnation is put by means of a soft brush, the roller or the sprayer. Consumption of impregnation is 150-200 g/sq.m.


Technical performances

  • Visual appearance of the film – transparent
  • Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances – 20-30%
  • Drying time of a film to degree 3 at 20± 2 C – 1 hour
  • Viscosity by a viscosity meter B 3-4 — 25
  • Resistance of a film to static effect of water – 24 hours


Delivery and storage

Storage duration is 6 months from the date of production. Delivery is performed in a plastic container of 50 kg. Transportation and storage at a temperature  not lower than + 5 C in densely closed container. Is not subject to freezing.


Technical documentation

TU 2316-005-551581-2005

Certificate on state. register. RU.