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Color realese Domask

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The color release is used when laying decorative concrete by sputtering on the jammed surface of a color hardener.



The releases dry mix of black and other colors. It is applied to work with textural forms so that they did not stick to concrete. The releases firmly becomes stronger on a surface when making pattern, creates effect of blackening in a final stamp.


Patterning and removal

Apply the release dry mix with a thin layer - to raise dust with a long pile brush on the jammed surface of a color hardener before stamped by textural stamps. Not earlier than 2 days after natural solidification of concrete, wash away the release with water by means of a brush with tough pile to a desirable shade.


Color release - 0,2 kg/sq.m of a surface.


Delivery and storage

Supply of the disconnecting dry mix is performed in buckets of 20 kg.
Storage duration is unlimited, store in the dry room.


Technical documentation

Hygienic certificate
TU 5745-001-26419110-99


Catalog of basic colors