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Color hardener Domask

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Used in the device of pavement coating technology decorative concrete, to hardener the top layer of concrete and give the desired color and texture.



Dry coloured powder, composed of aggregates, binder, special additives and pigments. When rubbing the mixture penetrates into the concrete surface, thereby creating a durable and abrasion resistant layer.



A color hardener is applied to freshly poured concrete grade not lower than 300, the method of hand scattering in two installments (70% and 30% of the recommended application rate) after the disappearance from the surface of excess moisture.
After each use of the steel trowel the top coat is rubbed into the surface of the pressed concrete. After grouting the surface must be uniform, smooth color and dense structure.


Dark colors – 2.5 kg/m2
Light of 3.5-4 kg/m2


Technical characteristics of decorative concrete after applying the color hardener coat

Brand strength in compression, 400-500 kgf/cm2
Frost resistance – not less than 300 cycles
Water absorption: 5%
Abrasion – 0.1-0.4 g/cm2
UV resistance 100%


Delivery and storage

Supply ready-to-use dry mix in bags of 25 kg. the shelf Life of dry mix – 9 months in a dry place. Minimum quantity 100kg.


Catalog of colors

Catalog Color of stamped concrete and stamped wall