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The varnish is intended for finishing processing of surfaces at making of printed concrete, new concrete floors, hardenings and dedusting of the concrete surfaces which were in operation and also for hardening, protection against penetration of moisture, increase of chemical firmness of facing wall materials (decorative plaster, brick, natural and artificial stone). Effect of "a wet stone".



The varnish represents a mix of copolymeric acrylic resins in a mix of organic solvents. Possesses penetrative action. After drying forms a transparent film, improves decorative properties of a surface (gloss, color saturation).


Method of application

The basis should be dry, cleared of dust, dirt, fats, oils, remains  of old coverings. The varnish is applied on a surface with a brush or the roller in 2 layers with an interval not less than 1 hour.

Consumption – 0,15-0,25 l for 1 sq.m of a surface depending on a type, brand, material density. At the high absorbing capability of the basis put the varnish in two layers.

Technical characteristics

Visual appearance – homogeneous transparent liquid
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, on weight – 0%
Density – 0,9 g/cm3
Drying time to degree 3 – no more than 60 minutes
Packing – the canister 5, 10 l.


Material is stored for 12 months from the moment of production in a leak-proof package. Protect from naked flame.


Safe engineering

During the work with a varnish it is necessary to avoid contacts with skin and eyes. Protect airways with respirator and other means of individual protection.