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Training of technology of the DOMASK decorative stamped concrete.


Get trained on technology of decorative stamped concrete under the leadership of our technologists.

During training you will personally try all technology stages of work and in practice will master all processes of mounting of stamped concrete, together with our specialists you will sort out all features which can arise on object. If you are not a builder and want to make independently a track of stamped concrete on the site, after training you will know how to make stamped concrete with your own hands.

Training program

  • Acquaintance. Introductive theoretical part about us and our products.
  • Skills training: mounting of decorative stamped concrete - sidewalks, tracks, squares; mounting of thin layer stamped concrete - an arbor, entrance lobby, ladders; mounting of decorative plaster (mounting of vertical concrete) - facades, retaining walls, fences, fireplaces interiors.
  • Analysis of possible errors and the way of their correction.
  • Visiting ready objects.
  • Real-life communication - we answer your questions.
  • Distribution of methodical and promotional materials.
  • Lunch, tea, coffee.

Time and place of training

  • Training is provided several times a month according to the schedule, individual training is possible at any time convenient for you.
  • The main place of training -Yekaterinburg. In Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Moscow, Penza, Petropavlovsk (Republic of Kazakhstan) and Grodno (Republic of Belarus) you can be trained by our dealers.
  • Details and record by Tel. +7(902)870-29-15
  • Possible on-site training in your city. In this case, pays avia tickets and accommodation of our engineer.

Why is it necessary to be trained?

  • Technical support in the course of work.
  • Mounting supervision, departure of our specialist on object (by agreement).
  • Help with orders. We receive  inquiries from throughout of World - the making of tracks from stamped concrete on site or the facade works to technology of decorative printed concrete and we recommend as contractors those companies which accomplished our training and own all necessary knowledge.
  • Training can be filmed.
  • Training pays off after the first order.
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