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Stamped concrete installation

Technology of decorative stamped (press) concrete in a modern type appeared in the second half of the last century. Stamped or decorative concrete became a fine basis for creation of various elements of an interior and an exterior. On set of technical properties stamped concrete is the unique material allowing to implement various, long-lasting, original solutions stylized to a decorative stone, stone blocks, brick, board, paving slabs, color concrete.

Many people consider concrete laying to be labor-consuming, technically difficult occupation which can be performed only by a team of professional workers. Actually laying printed concrete can be performed by ordinary people possessing basic knowledge about concrete and the corresponding skill. Moreover, the making of decorative concrete floors on the basis of printed concrete can be fascinating occupation allowing to implement one's own design ideas and to show creative capabilities.

The DOMASK company performs installation and supervision of erection of stamped concrete on any objects by forces of the contract partner organizations in all territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS.

For the correct laying of decorative concrete it is necessary to perform a number of the elementary operations:

  • removal of an upper fertile layer of earth;
  • charge layer of crushed stone and its consolidation;
  • installation of a timbering and armature (executed if necessary);
  • laying of the prepared mix with consolidation;
  • drawing a color hardener;
  • patterning by means of textural stamps,
  • finishing processing.

It is necessary to decide on the area of works, on texture and color of printed concrete beforehand. The material cost, the choice of the tool and printed matrixes which shall be purchased will depend on it. Perhaps, you decide to be trained on laying of decorative concrete in the DOMASK company, to ask for the help professional crew or to use services of supervision of erection by the DOMASK company.

It is possible to find detailed algorithm, technology and ready solutions on laying of stamped concrete for the making of a concrete floor, modeling of paving slabs, a decorative stone, improvement of the yard, creation of concrete tracks and industrial concrete floors in appropriate sections. In case of independent mounting, the DOMASK company can help complete your object with required materials and offer workers the necessary tools.


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