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Decorative stamped wall (vertical concrete), technical characteristics and advantages

The DOMASK stamped wall (vertical concrete) is a modern solution for final finishing of walls and any vertical surfaces outside and inside: facades, basements, fences, columns, walls, fireplaces, furnaces, bar counters, braziers, corners and platbands.

By stamping color plaster can be given any texture: stone, wood, brick or any other material according to your desire.


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Technical characteristics and advantages of stamped wall (vertical concrete)


  1. Сompression capacity up to 200 kgfs/cm2. Strong and shock-resistant material.
  2. Frost resistance more than 75 cycles. Maintains repeated freezing, does not collapse from negative temperatures.
  3. Water absorption up to 5% on weight. Does not absorb water, when freezing no cracks are  formed.
  4. Adhesion to the basis more than 10 kg/cm2. High stickiness of solution with the basis, can be used for all types of surfaces.
  5. Viability of ready mix to 60 minutes. Solution maintains work characteristics for a long time, is convenient in use.
  6. Resistance to the ultra-violet radiation up to 100%. Does not change initial color and does not burn out.
  7. Class of combustibility of GO. Not combustible, fire-resistant material.

Decorative plaster of walls and facade does these surfaces not just esthetic, but also protects from influence of external environment.


Textured decorative plaster with effect of identity

Textured decorative plaster deserves special attention If it is important for you to implement a difficult design intention when finishing an interior or a facade. This material allows to create difficult reliefs on surfaces, for example, such as "the Mexican stone", "a wall stone", "slate", etc., brings design of a facade or an interior to absolutely other level of esthetics and presentableness. Thus, today decorative plaster can be purchased for the embodiment of the most difficult ideas.


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