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Decorative plaster Decorative plaster is applied to final finishing of vertical surfaces: facades of houses, basement of buildings, retaining walls, columns, arches, fences, interiors, bathrooms, etc. By means of special textural forms for plaster, the surface is given any texture: stone, brick, wood, slate or any other texture according to your desire.
Acrylic impregnation Acrylic Impregnation is intended for processing of surfaces at construction of new concrete floors, printed concrete, decorative plaster, and also facades of buildings for the purpose of their hardening, protection against penetration of moisture, increase of chemical firmness and wear resistance.
Sealers for concrete and stone The Sealers is intended for protection against penetration of moisture, wall efflorescence, burning out, wear of decorative plaster, brick, natural and artificial stone. For giving a surface of saturated color and effect of "a wet stone".
Stamps wall Forms for stamped wall (vertical concrete)/
Textural polyurethane forms are intended for stamping of a vertical surface by desirable pattern (stone, slate, board, brick, etc.)