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Decorative plaster

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Decorative color plaster Domask is applied to final finishing of vertical surfaces: facades of houses, basement parts of buildings, retaining walls, columns, arches, fences, interiors, bathrooms, etc. By means of special textural forms for plaster, the surface can be given any texture: stone, brick, wood, slate or any other texture according to your desire.

Concrete, bricklaying, gas- foam- slag stones, an asbestos plate, OSB, practically any basis can form the basis for plaster.


Technical characteristics

  • compression capacity  - 200 kg /
  • adhesive durability - 6 kg /
  • frost resistance - not less than 50 cycles
  • water absorption - up to 5% on weight
  • vapor-permeable


Technical documentation

Dry mix plaster is issued in accordance with GOST 28013


Technology of application

  • Make a coat of acrylic impregnation, remove dust from a surface
  • Put the reinforcing layer on glue structure
  • Put decorative color plaster 10-20 mm thick, depending on pattern depth
  • Sputter the disconnector
  • Printed of a pattern with a form for a decorative stone
  • Wash the surface from the disconnector
  • Lacquer the covering with protective acrylic impregnation or varnish for stone and concrete



Consumption of decorative plaster is 1,7 kg for 1 mm of thickness of a layer, depending on pattern from 5 to 25 mm and maybe more. Average Consumption is 20 kg / 1м2.


Delivery and storage

Supply of dry mix, ready to use, in bags of 25 kg. Storage duration of dry mix – 9 months, in the dry room. Minimum lot of 100 kg.