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Industrial floors

Concrete floors

Concrete floors, according to their construction are subdivided into multilayer and single-layer, reinforced and not reinforced. The reinforced, multilayer floors are applied in places with the higher load on a floor surface: in industrial workshops, shopping centers, in warehouse hangars, etc. Single-layer, not reinforced, respectively, in places with low loading. The surface of concrete floors is made of polymeric materials that gives the special firmness and durability.

In design of concrete floors it is important to consider area of their application!


Benefits of concrete floors

Filling of a floor with concrete has a number of advantages before other coverings:

  1. Steady practically against any shock loadings.
  2. Do not give in to chemical influence.
  3. Durability - Wear resistance.
  4. Unpretentious in respect of service - cleaning, brooming.


The cost of laying of floors from concrete

Laying of concrete floors is one of specialties of our company. We execute the any kinds of works connected with production of concrete floors.

The exact cost of concrete floors is determined by our specialists after carrying out necessary calculations.

You can issue the order having addressed by phone or leave the request on the website. Our manager will immediately contact you.

The reinforcer (topping) for industrial floors will be used for hardening of a top layer of industrial concrete floors.

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