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Installation of industrial floors

At construction of private houses and industrial enterprises the making of concrete floors on soil or in rooms  is often used. A concrete floor differs in the fact that it is very strong, steady against blows, humidity, against influence of chemicals. That is why it is very practical and convenient for operation in different conditions. Besides, it is very long-lasting and, as a rule, has the cost, acceptable for the majority of cases. It allows to use it not only for the making of floors in premises, but also for making of floor coverings of trade and industrial constructions which during the long operational period are exposed to considerable loadings.

The DOMASK company performs mounting and supervision of erection of concrete floors on any objects by forces of the contract partner organizations in all territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Steps of the installation of a concrete floor, are as a rule quite simple:

  • preparation of the basis - creation of a sand and gravel or sand and crushed-stone pillow.
  • laying of a waterproofing and, perhaps, a heater which will provide saving of warmth
  • reinforcing by means of a reinforcing grid for construction strength;
  • laying of concrete and alignment of a floor of necessary thickness of a layer and, if necessary, slope ratio.
  • hardenings and waterproofing of the top layer, making of temperature seams


Because of temperature differences, mechanical damages and other influences on concrete floors, as a rule, there are cracks which can lead to damage of the covering and loss of an esthetic appearance. It is possible to improve properties of such floor by means of application of special mixes,  covering with polymeric mixes, impregnations, special paints, liquid reinforcers. Impregnation can execute the function of a waterproofing.

For the purpose of hardening of a concrete floor topping systems are applied. It is one of the simplest and most available materials which strengthens a surface and represents dry mix. It consists of high-quality cement, the plasticizer, pigments and fillers for giving special characteristics and required color. When filling a hardenet (topping) of a floor it is necessary at the final stage after primary hardening of concrete mix evenly scatter, align and execute a finishing. As a result it is possible for the concrete floor to achieve a glossy surface.

There are situations connected with features of the basis when the making of a concrete floor is inefficient or will involve additional efforts and costs. Therefore, before starting works, it is necessary to think over, carefully make all the corresponding calculations. It can be reasonable to get recommendations of professional workers having experience in questions of the making of a concrete floor. The Ltd. DOMASK company can not only complete object with required materials and the tool, but also provide training, render services in supervision of erection or to independently make mounting by own forces.

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