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Art concrete Domask

Art concrete Domask

Art concrete Domask.
Imagination without borders... 
The polymeric material of the Art concrete in Russia recently. But the demand for projects for the landscape design of parks, patio, private recreation areas with his participation is increasing day by day. 

Forever young hut of Baba Yaga with mortar, the heroes of epics and fairy tales of different peoples of the world, cliffs, grottoes and caves, garden sculptures, fountains, street furniture, unusual pillars and ruins, original, BBQ, wine cellars, planters, stone walls, stone balls... 
Fantasy Art concrete is not restricted.
The composition of the material of Art concrete, which for more than twenty years has been actively used in the zoning and the design of the landscape in America and Eastern Europe - a common sand, cement and polymer additives. Surprisingly quickly erected by the hands of designers and artists material for the construction of the Art concrete in the finished product is first covered with a water-repellent, then a protective lacquer. Issued a fast-drying environmentally friendly color dyes, secured other spectacular additions. And precisely repeats the image approved by the Customer.
The product of the Art of concrete going to the place of its installation.
Welded frame of each new product are covered with grid. In several stages according to the shape of the product is applied to wet concrete mixture and strengthen the necessary amount of binder.
At the climax, just a few finishing touches by the artist's brush. 
And... Voila! 
The project is ready...

The whole composition is made of artbeton. Sure, this exposition will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children...
On the construction of Artbeton, features of Assembly and installation
Planning placement of articles of Artbeton, and designs his part in almost everything inside is hollow, - the Customer may not worry on the subject of "overweight" on its territory. 
And apply artbeton as in the products and in the lining. And if Your architectural creations not much nose up over low-rise buildings, sure You'll hear plenty of: "how much", "Where" and "How beautiful"...
Since the polymer Art concrete the printed concrete in its composition, you can add anti-slip additives and to lay the material in pieces or canvas on the sidewalks. Art concrete is almost waterproof, but because it is increasingly used in the lining of the bowls of the fountains and parapets of the basins. Of plastic artbeton turn out to be surprisingly flexible, however strong road curbs. 
In addition Artbeton - excellent material for the decoration of the enclosures of the zoo, where every animal can live in a painfully similar to his Homeland amazingly unique world. 
Polymer Artbeton actively involved in the design of children's attractions. Giant size compositions and structures of Artbeton contribute to the achievement of instant effect, while the budget for such design will draw almost any investor. 
The adult audience has the opportunity to evaluate the product Artbeton in the design of places and facilities. The surprising similarity in imitation of stone, wood, cork, metal, modern Artbeton allows the material to be in demand both in external and interior decoration of small restaurants, cafes, patio in forest clearings and ponds. Garden furniture, sculptures, waterfalls, figures of animals, - all this and much more brings a certain charm and completes the look. Each new project is certainly DIFFERENT...

In conclusion, a FEW WORDS IN favor of the MATERIAL ARTBETON:
 Artbeton refractory material
Artbeton the material is not heavy, no chance of collapse
Artbeton durable product with a life span of at least 25-30 years
Artbeton is cheap, and let the product of concrete for the garden can now almost any family
Restoration work involving artbeton - if they need - low-cost.
More detaild information on value delivery of material on the subject, the services designer and of the installer, please contact the Manager of the sales Department.


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