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Stamped wall installation

Stamped wall (vertical concrete) covers a surface with the original relief covering capable to adequately decorate any interior. Plaster, including decorative, is one of traditional coverings of vertical surfaces, is used around the world for many years. Modern developments allow to considerably improve structure, technologies of putting, an opportunities and consumer properties of decorative plaster and to considerably diversify its textures and colors.

The existing level of development of technologies of decorative plaster allows to create the original elements of design with your own hands, to model architectural styles in an interior and an exterior of buildings. Your own special atmosphere inside can be created by means of use of stamped wall for facing of walls, finishing of fireplaces, finishing of columns and arches. As texture it is possible to select a decorative stone, finishing looking like brick, wood. Use of this material will allow to make finishing not only in certain rooms (finishing of kitchen, finishing of corridors, finishing of chimney rooms), but also to make facing of facades, facing of fences, facing of braziers and other outside objects according to the selected style.

The DOMASK company performs mounting and supervision of erection of decorative stamped wall on any objects by forces of the contract partner organizations in all territory of the World.

To make putting of vertical concrete independently it is necessary to perform a number of simple operations:

  • get acquainted with technology of the correct putting of decorative plaster;
  • calculate the volume of required materials and stock up with necessary tools;
  • make preparation of walls - clean a shabby old covering, align and pad;
  • if necessary it is possible to use means of additional strengthening of a surface of walls, for example, the reinforcing grid (it especially actually when facing facades);
  • put a layer of decorative plaster;
  • put the disconnector;
  • print pattern by means of textural matrixes;
  • make finishing processing.

Outside works on facing of the house with decorative plaster can be performed from the ground, the staging, elevators, it is desirable to do it in good weather. Terms of facing of walls, as a rule are less than when using the majority of other finishing materials. The cost of finishing of walls will depend on the area, the volume of materials and complexity of works.

As works on putting of decorative plaster demand a certain specialized knowledge and skills, the addressing to specialists, representing the companies vendors or construction companies can be a reasonable solution. The DOMASK company can help to decide on materials, to complete your object, to develop the design project, to provide training, to help (to execute mounting of decorative plaster with performance of works, to render services in supervision of erection, to provide a team of qualified specialists). One  should note, that the result of work will depend directly not only on a type and quality of material, but also on the level of professionalism of

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