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Technology of laying of concrete industrial floors with a hardener^


1. Characteristic of concrete mix

It is necessary to use a brand of concrete with compression capacity not less than 300, P3 cone draft, with the S-3 or SP1 plasticizer.


2. Laying, consolidation and alignment of concrete

Concrete is accepted, laid, consolidated and aligned by means of a vibrorail, before emergence of a cement milk on a surface.


3. Concrete finishing

The finishing of concrete is made when there are no excesses of water on a surface by means of troweling machines by a disk. An adjunction to columns, walls, a ladder, etc. should be processed first of all since in these parts it hardens quicker, than on other square.


4. Introduction and finish of the reinforcer (topping)

Dry mix is scattered on a surface of the finished newly-laid concrete for several stages depending on color (Consumption of light colors by 30-40% more). Evenly apply two thirds of total quantity of mix on the surface right after an initial finish of concrete and removal (or drying) of excess water from the surface. Mix should absorb moisture from concrete, at the same time color of the reinforcer should darken. The finish by the troweling machine by means of a disk should be made before complete compound of mix with a concrete surface. Further process of scattering and finishing should be repeated with remaining mix.


5. Burnishing

When the surface of concrete becomes firmer and will lose part of the gloss it is possible to start burnishing by troweling machines with blades.
At the first burnishing the blades should be as much as possible flat, at the second and the subsequent burnishings the blades must be raised.
At approach of the moment when the reinforcer does not stick to troweling blades, carry out a finishing (polishing) of the surface. Smooth down minor defects manually.
Note: do not let "burning" while smoothing down the colored floor.


6. Drawing impregnation for the completing processing

Apply impregnation for industrial floors for protection against excessive drying of concrete on a ready surface during the first hours of attaining of firmness. For increase of wear resistance of the surface, protection against moisture and giving of glossy visual appearance.


7. Making of deformation seams

To compensate arising tension, cut deformation seams by means of the chaser of seams (floor saw) or the Flex with a diamond disk, no more than 1/3 of concrete thickness, in squares of 6х6 m.

For esthetic visual appearance and prevention of a chip of edges, fill seams with a cord and polyurethane sealant.

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