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About company

DOMASK company - manufacturer and seller of stamped concrete and decorative plaster - offers a wide range of services with the participation of high-tech products of its own production. Training. Mounting. Sale of stamped concrete and decorative plaster throughout the Russian Federation and in neighboring countries.

What is decorative stamped concrete (press concrete) and decorative facade plaster?


Artistic, architectural, colored, stamped, decorative or press concrete is a vibrant, modern and practical way to clad almost any surface. The technology is applicable to cover city squares, sidewalks, beaches, garage complexes, bridges, swimming pools, backyards, parking lots, exhibition halls, restaurant and cafe interiors, facades of private and public buildings, and basements of houses. Decorating with decorative stamped concrete and decorative facade plaster is a new technology for laying monolithic colored concrete and applying plaster on surfaces, stamped using textured polyurethane forms that imitate traditional surfaces made of decorative stone, cobblestone, brick, slate, tiles, oak boards.

What are the advantages of this particular technology?

First of all, in a variety of textures and a wide range of colors. In addition, in terms of strength, quality and durability, decorative stamped concrete for walls is superior to traditional asphalt and tile pavements, its frost resistance is 300 cycles, it is resistant to aggressive environments.
What can we do?

We offer services for the arrangement of horizontal and vertical coatings using the technology of decorative stamped (or in other words, stamped) concrete and decorative facade plaster. The company's specialists provide training and offer all the necessary materials, tools and textured forms for stamping a picture.


How to start cooperation?

It's easy to open your own business or a new direction of activity! Take training in the technology of architectural decorative stamped concrete (press concrete) and decorative facade plaster from us or from our representatives in your cities.

After training, you will be able to start your own business or open a new direction with minimal costs, which will pay off after the first orders.

We also invite designers, decorators, architects and builders to mutually beneficial cooperation.