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Advantages of stamped concrete Domask

Derived for the construction market for the first time by the Americans as the most durable and attractive from an aesthetic point of view, cheap synthetic material exclusively for the design of runways, stamped decorative concrete confidently stepped in the twenty-first century. 

And application of concrete stamped has become wider. 

Largely thanks to very inexpensive cost of raw materials and items reviews for decorative concrete products, to "funny" simple technology of its installation, the environmental integrity of the material. That's why concrete printing today equally involved in interior and exterior finishing (individual building and individual consumption). And popular and competes with natural stone (paving, facing slab, cobbled stone), - when there are project sites for the heavy durable-resistant coating and the issue is already on industrial material of concrete.


Advantages of stamped concrete

  • Concrete printing is easier and more practical rather heavy natural stone, which among other things after two or three years it is necessary to glue and the joints of seams, apply a protective adhesives and appropriate palette of stone, putty expensive.  
  • Not having these problems decorative concrete DOMASK and therefore applicable in most projects with a variety of types of buildings. Frost-resistant material perfectly withstands temperature extremes in the range from minus fifty degrees to plus fifty degrees Celsius, non-toxic while heating and cooling.Stable UV resistant (100%!), printed decorative concrete will serve You faithfully for at least fifteen years.
  • The combination of colors and patterns – stamps on the material of the press concrete are agreed with the Customer and may vary in one and the same project in the direction of strengthening or weakening of the color.






Currently, the company DOMASK can offer the Customer an approximately 20 base signature palettes and 20 brand texture (stamp of polyurethane coloured top coat - products of the plant). Any combination of colors and shapes! 
In the case of natural stone is somewhat more complicated: the nature of the created material with the presence of mixed venous and drawings does not guarantee one hundred percent match in tone, grain and color of the material.

Decorative concrete without any problems fit in most surfaces such as plaster, plaster, concrete, silicate brick, aerated concrete etc. Strong in compression, however, decorative concrete is plastic: - for horizontal surfaces such as paths of concrete, the sidewalks of concrete, concrete Parking DOMASK manufacturer offers curved borders shaped.

Fire safety material, easy maintenance, the minimum price tag for the services of restoration in the event of vandalism, all of the above determines the choice of the buyer in favor of the horizontal cover printed decorative concrete.

The main purpose of printed concrete imitation of stone, brick, pavers, crushed stone, stone chips, boulder...

Perfectly imitating the pattern and color of stone, brick, pavers, crushed stone, stone chips, boulder stone tiles, floorboards, concrete printing is applicable today as private residential construction to final landscaping and large-scale reconstruction of socially significant projects of the cities on the territory of the Russian Federation and in foreign countries. 

The palette and textures have to fit into the project with any stylistic decision. 
Quote for decorative material printed concrete competitiveness. 
But because press concrete DOMASK is applicable almost everywhere (see properties in the Portfolio section).

We provide high-quality decorative coating decorative concrete at facilities in commercial and industrial construction:

  • Shopping areas, podiums, stages, false steps 
  • Landscape paths
  • Town squares and promenades 
  • Open a cafe and patio
  • Parking lots and gas stations
  • Transport routes
  • Marina
  • The road surface in recreational areas ( hotels, medical centers, etc.)
  • Of the site under Parking,
  • Sidewalks and walkways, 
  • Site and stage entrances, 
  • Paving slabs 
  • Garden paths

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