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The hardener (topping) for industrial floors

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The strengthening dry mix for floors of industrial function consisting of high-branded cements with quartz or corundum filler depending on loading, light resistant pigments, functional additives.


Scope of use

For increase of level of durability and an wear resistance of top layers of concrete industrial floors in warehouses, workshops, parkings, shops.


Technical characteristics

  • Color – natural gray or colored.
  • Consumption of the dry reinforcer for 1 sq.m – 5 kg
  • Water absorption of a floor after drawing of the mixture – 1,5%
  • Abradability of the processed surface – 0,1 g/cm2
  • Resistance of a surface to an ultraviolet – 100%
  • Brand (firmness) – not less than 700 kg/cm2


Specifics of application

Dry mix colorful in mass, is selected according to a necessary shade. Drawing of dry structure is performed on a newly-laid concrete covering, the brand of concrete should be 300 or higher. After moisture disappears from a concrete surface, it is possible to start procedure of drawing of the reinforcer.

If the mixture is applied for the first time, then it is scattered in a uniform layer (2/3 of the weight). It is necessary to wait until the mixture absorbs moisture from concrete then it is possible to start processing. The mechanical tool is used for finishing, for the small area manual finishing is allowed. The rest of mixture is scattered on the floor surface, rubbed clean. Final burnishing of the concrete floor is performed after concrete gets harder and becomes firmer. For this purpose bladed troweling machines are used.



Consumption of 5 kg/sq.m for dark colors and 7-8 kg/sq.m for light.


Delivery and storage

Supply of mixture in bags of 25 kg. Term of storage of the dry mix – 9 months from the date of preparation in the dry room.


Technical documentation

TU 5745-001 - 26419110-99

Hygienic certificate