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Sealers for industrial floor

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Scope of application

Is intended for processing of industrial floors. Serves as protection against wall efflorescence, against influence of moisture, alkali, oils. Application for smooth and textural surfaces is allowed. It is used for covering of horizontal and vertical bases of different types: concrete, brick, mix. Is suitable for works inside and outside of buildings.


Technical characteristics

  • Color – transparent (after hashing)
  • Nonvolatile substances, mass fraction – 9-11%
  • Density of structure – 0,9-1,1 g/cm3
  • Drying (degree 3) – up to 60 minutes
  • For a nozzle with a diameter of 4 mm an indicator of conditional viscosity (B3-246 viscometer) – 13-16 c
  • Consumption for 1 square meter – 100-120 g


Specifics of application

The processed surface should be clean of dust, cleared of oils and dirt. The structure is carefully mixed up to a homogeneous consistence without stains. Impregnation is applied on a horizontal or vertical surface with the clean tool. After covering an industrial floor acquires homogeneous shade. The transparent covering should not have wrinkles and craters.