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Sverdlovsk region, private house.

The work was carried out in 2014-2016.

Pathways: yellow color, hewn stone texture, dark gray color release, top coat acrylic impregnation - 2 layers.

The volume of the tracks is 350 m².

Duration of the work is 3 weeks.

Fountain made in the style of the Old Italian classics, in the style of the Vorontsov Palace in Crimea. The monolithic thicket of the fountain is faced with DOMASK decorative plaster. The bowl is made of concrete. The inside of the bowl is painted in turquoise with DOMASK paints. The concrete is faced with DOMASK decorative plaster under the rounded sea stones. The base color is light gray and "stones" were painted by hand with DOMASK paints in various colors - gray, light gray, beige, pale green, white, light yellow.

Duration of the work is 14 days.

  Дорожки своими руками. Дорожки из печатного бетона. Благоустройство двора. Фонтан на даче Бетонная скульптура льва Декоративный фонтан на своем участке